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The ALL-NEW Caught In Between Workshop, Series 2
Wednesdays, 1–2 p.m. ET, February 6–27, 2019

The Caught In Between Workshop Series

Hosted online by Dan Scott


FEBRUARY 6–27, 2019


Kids start leaving church mentally long before they get a driver’s license. But with a few shifts in perspective and programming, you can easily engage the preteens in your church. You can be sure they get “caught in between,” and not fall through the cracks.

Join us for series 2 of this workshop, four weekly sessions for leaders in children’s, student, nextgen, and family ministry looking for practical ways to develop their ministry to preteens.

Each week of this all-new series will focus on crucial ideas in preteen ministry, including how to engage parents and create effective large and small group environments for preteens. Content will include live video, real-time conversation with the author and group members, and exclusive premium content.

Appropriate for those about to launch a preteen ministry or those looking for next steps.


About the workshop: Your host will be author Dan Scott. The workshop will take place on Facebook, Wednesdays, February 6–27, 1–2 p.m., eastern time. The workshop is free, but you will want a copy of the book Caught In Between for the best experience.

How to register: Click below to sign up. Once you register, you’ll receive an email from Orange with additional details, including the link to the Facebook group where the workshop will be hosted. Click the link in the email to ask for admission to the group. Note: If you joined us for series 1 of the workshop, you do not need to register again.

If you miss a session: Don’t worry! You can catch up. Videos, discussion threads, and other content will be saved in the Facebook group each week. Check the group regularly for updates as well as your inbox, especially on Mondays, when the workshop guide for the week will be emailed to you.

Today’s preteens are getting lost in transition as
they shift from childhood to adolescence.

It’s a unique and challenging time when they are not quite one thing and not quite the other.

Anyone who has spent time in children’s or middle school ministry has stories of preteens who sit against the back wall, roll their eyes at whatever leaders say, and barely tolerate the hour. Or of some who just don’t show up at all.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can create an environment that engages preteens where they are,
mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

Caught In Between gives you the latest research findings on preteens, sums up conversations every ministry leader is having, and walks you through a comprehensive plan to engage preteens in ways that will ensure they have what they need to build an authentic faith.

Compared to the world in which we grew up, our preteens basically live on a different planet.


Caught In Between is a practical guide for leaders in children’s, student, nextgen, and family ministry. It offers …

An in-depth look at who preteens are today

A strategy for creating (or rethinking) a preteen ministry in your church

A step-by-step process for planning, preparing, and launching your preteen ministry (with specific tips for small churches)

Worksheets and checklists to help with volunteer recruitment, budgeting, designing your physical environment, and more

Gloria Lee,

Gloria Lee,

kids director, Menlo Park Church

“I am eager to share this book with my team …”

Josh Griffin,

Josh Griffin,

co-founder, Download Youth Ministry

“. . . will help you be ready to meet preteens where they are …”

Stuart Hall,

Stuart Hall,

communicator and author of THE SEVEN CHECKPOINTS

“. . . drops an anchor for leaders in the ever-changing sea of preteen culture.”

Allyson Evans,

Allyson Evans,

nextgen pastor, LifeChurch.TV

“. . . loads of practical information and step-by-step instruction . . .”

Preteens need an environment on Sunday that allows them freedom to be who they are that week and helps them feel comfortable in their own skin.

The preteen years are the first time kids start fighting against who they were in order to become who they will be.

Our kids don’t need us in order to access information, but they do need us to help them interpret the information and figure out how it applies.


Dan Scott has been working with kids for over 20 years as a teacher, pastor, and communicator. He is currently the director of 252 Kids and Preteen Curriculum at Orange. Dan and his wife, Jenna, have four kids, Liam, Elli, Addi, and Taye, who keep them busy and up to date with things in the elementary, middle, and high school worlds.


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If we want to effectively minister to preteens, we need to know their culture. We don’t have to like any of it, but we should know all about it.

Preteens may or may not remember the details of what they learn each week, but they will remember how they felt and the positive relationships in their lives.

Faith development is more like a rollercoaster than a straight line: it’s got ups and downs, twists and turns, and moves over and around again.

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