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Frank Bealer, on The Myth of Balance

Balance in ministry, work, and life doesn’t really exist.

But you can thrive in the tension between them.


In his new book, Frank Bealer walks you through a straightforward formula that can prepare you for the unexpected (and not-so-unexpected) events that distract you at the most inconvenient moments.

The Myth of Balance can help you:

Embrace the idea that ministry is exceptions.

Recognize the warning signs of catastrophe brewing from your “busy seasons.”

Create a predictable plan for handling the unpredictable things vying for your time.

Make the necessary shifts in the way you lead and manage your life so you can continue in ministry for the long haul.

What People Are Saying

“We all want a work/life “balance”…. We want to have it all, be good at everything, have the career AND the amazing family, spend quality time with the spouse, and the kids, and excel in the office. But this idea of balance that we’ve created in our minds…we’ve set impossible expectations. And although true balance may not actually exist, Frank explains how we can be prepared for the unexpected, and expected, that can derail us in our lives.”

|     Arica, Amazon customer     |

“Frank Bealer knows first hand what it takes to balance home life and leadership challenges. This book is a great tool for your ministry and having a life.”

|     Nancy P., Amazon customer     |

“Frank has a very practical approach to the challenges life can present. The art of making a plan and working the plan doesn’t have to be restricted to the office. It makes total sense at home. I wish I’d had this book when I started in ministry 17 years ago.”

|     Gina M., Amazon customer     |

“Finally! Here’s a book with a practical and straightforward approach to balancing the multiple demands of life! Who doesn’t need that?! Everyone should pick up a copy of this book, wonderfully written by Frank Bealer!.”

|     Mrs. Prevette, Amazon customer     |

Praise for The Myth of Balance

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Frank Bealer is executive director of Leadership Development at The reThink Group (also known as Orange) and the CEO of Phase Family Centers. Before joining Orange, he was family pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is driven to helping leaders develop to their full potential. Frank and his wife, Jess, have four children.

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