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Rodney and Sarah Anderson, on WIRED.


by Rodney and Sarah Anderson

You’ve heard that this generation of students is disengaged. They’ve checked out. They can’t peel their eyes away from their phones. Maybe you believe they’re a hopeless case.

In a disconnected and distracting world, how can teens connect with God and with others?

As social media savvy as they are, as plugged in and fast paced as they are, deep down, today’s teenagers still experience a steady stream of questions that no amount of cell phone use and Netflix watching will make disappear. They, like all generations before them, have questions about faith, about their identity, and about their purpose.

WIRED walks students through four key ideas:

  1. CONNECTING WITH GOD—How to interact with a God we can’t see, hear, or touch
  2. LOVING THEIR LIFE—How to better understand who God made them to be
  3. EMBRACING COMMUNITY—How to treat the people around them and to surround themselves with the right people
  4. SERVING OTHERS—How to use the gifts they have to make an impact on the world around them

Whether your students have been in church for 10 years or 10 weeks, WIRED supports solid, foundational beliefs about God, themselves, and others, and then equips them to put these beliefs in action.

WIRED is part of the XP3 Devotional Series, interactive devotional books for middle and high school students. 

It is available at Orange and Amazon.

“Got teenagers? Get WIRED. I wish this fantastic resource had been available when my kids were navigating the complex and often confusing worlds of middle school and high school. Don’t miss this opportunity for my friends Rodney and Sarah to say to your teenagers what you’ve been saying, or perhaps wish you could say. Get WIRED.”

Andy Stanley,

Senior Pastor,
North Point Community Church

“I’m a mom of three teenagers, ages 13, 16 and 18. I’m always on the search for resources that will help them grow in their relationship with God. WIRED is definitely one of those resources! I was amazed at how the writers took such big God size truths and explained them in such simple and easy to understand ways. I wish every student (and parent) could be fortunate enough to read
this devotional.”

Amazon Customer

WIRED isn’t just a book to read. It’s an experience. Reading this, you’ll engage with impactful teaching, ask introspective questions and have the tools to take what you learn into the relationships around you. Student pastors, parents and teenagers will love it!”

Doug Fields,

Executive Director,
HomeWord Center for Youth
and Family at Azusa
Pacific University


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Sarah is a writer and communicator who has been involved in ministry since 2003. She has been with Orange as a lead writer and content creator for XP3 High School curriculum as well as a contributing writer for the Parent Cue blog since 2007. Sarah lives in Roswell, Georgia, and is a big fan of her husband, her two boys, Asher and Pace, and (in her weaker moments) McDonald’s french fries.


Rodney is a pastor, a writer, and a communicator who has been in ministry full time since 2000. He partners with Orange to develop curriculum for middle and high school students. He is currently the director of singles for all campuses of North Point Ministries. He lives in Roswell, Georgia, with his wife, Sarah, his two boys, Asher and Pace, and absolutely, positively no cats.

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