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The NEW (still free) Myth of Balance Workshop Series
Starts January 16, 2018


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Begins January 16, 2018


Does this sound familiar?

“This is just my busy season.”
“Next week will be better.”
“My family will understand.”

Ministry is messy, and it’s full of interruptions and exceptions. Sure, you may have set office hours, but we all know those could change with the next email or phone call. Every week presents its own set of challenges. The question isn’t what to do IF they happen, but what to do WHEN they happen.


Beginning January 16, you could be part of a five-week challenge to reclaim your time and your response to the exceptions that come with ministry. Through live video, Q&A’s, group conversation, and practical resources, you will develop a customized plan to better manage these situations, allowing you to focus on the people in your care.


Join Frank Bealer for The Myth of Balance Workshop Series

  • Get direct access to Frank, as he guides you through every chapter in The Myth of Balance
  • Ask questions—and get answers
  • Learn from a supportive community of other ministry leaders who are shifting from IF to WHEN, and ultimately to HOW

The Myth of Balance Workshop Series

A (free) multi-week interactive group for leaders who want to
turn the pressure of work and life into a win.

Beginning January 16, 2018

Sign up to (1) get the link to the private Facebook group that will host the discussion, (2) stay in the loop, and (3) receive all the premium content.


There is no cost to join the workshop, although you may want a copy of the book in order to have the best experience. To purchase from Orange, click here.

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